Fallen Lands.

Constant Peril.

Untold Mysteries.

Endless Adventure.

The Fashian Republic was once a great beacon of light and civilization, uniting the known world and bringing safety and prosperity to the land. The ruling council, the Omnus, was elected by Fashian citizens all over the Republic, meeting in the capital city of Tumulos to equally represent all territories.

Over time, however, the elected leaders grew corrupt, seizing power through bribery and corruption. Eventually one of the Omni became a de facto dictator and emperor, and a succession of appointed heirs (generally of the same family, interrupted only by usurpation and assassination) followed, each treating the Republic as a personal fiefdom. The Fashian military, once a well-oiled machine, became a collection of thugs and mercenaries enforcing an ever-increasing burden of law on the populous. Being a citizen of the Republic was no longer protection by itself.

Factions began openly opposing each other, sometimes going so far as fighting in the streets. The unity provided by the Republic was fading, but some still hoped to restore the glory days of their nation. Few believed that even this could cause the great Fashian Republic to fall. Great heroes rose up to fight for justice and the common people. Like all heroes, they sought to bring about a better day.

They made things worse.

Now the world has been thrust into chaos. Monsters roam the lands, brought in as fodder for civil wars and now live unchecked. The great city of Tumulos lies in ruins, inhabited by ghosts and horrors. Bandits are the law of the highway. City-states rise and fall over the course of single generations. Many speak of the wonders of the Republic, now lost — for though the common man had not been free, he had at least been safe.

It is now two hundred years after the final collapse of the central government. Some say the fighting has never stopped.

Welcome to the World of Verodus.


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