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Old Norse. “World.” Migrated to Old English weorold, “age of man.”
A world created for the use of mortal man.

Latin. “Clean and elegant.” Migrated from Greek cosmos, “orderly arrangement.”
A world created out of chaos.

The mortal realm, created as order drawn from the Elemental Chaos.

Chapter One: Character Races
The gods created ten races at the beginning of creation. The world has become somewhat more crowded since then.

Chapter Two: Class Options
How the classes fit into this setting, and presenting additional options for characters in Verodus.

Chapter Three: The World of Verodus
Nations, organizations, languages, and other aspects of the setting.

Chapter Four: Religion
The gods of Verodus, their enemies the primordials, and other things that go bump in the night.

Appendix: Character Questionnaire
A custom tool to help flesh out characters and their backstories.

Main Page

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