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When the gods created the world, they set ten races with dominion over the natural world. Each Kingroup was originally two races: one larger, one smaller, each with a specific niche to occupy in the world.

The Virkin
Humans and halflings: empire builders, known for their courage and ingenuity, but not their patience.

The Feykin
Elves, gnomes, and drow: masters of magic and mysteries.

The Stonekin
Goliaths and dwarves: the children of stone and metal, guardians of the earth.

The Dragonkin
Dragonborn and kobolds: once the rulers of great empires, now fallen from their former glory.

The Wildkin
Orcs, goblins, hobgoblins, and bugbears: the youngest of the old races, with the most to prove.

The Half-Breeds
Half-elves, half-orcs, and half-dwarves: caught between cultures, often with little to gain and nothing to lose.

The Changed
From experiments to devilish influences, some groups have been indelibly changed — sometimes by choice.

The New Races
In the fall of the Fashian Republic, new creatures were bred for war or were pulled from other planes. Many survived and thrived. Some are even exhibit the intelligence of true people — but of course, they can’t be people. Can they?

The Immortal Races
Beyond the mortal races are the immortal servants of the gods: the devas and revenants.

The Verodus Campaign Setting > Character Races


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