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A kingdom of orcs and half-orcs that has recently been stabilizing under a charismatic new prince.

A land of psionics in the northern mountains.

The Elemental Isles
An archipelago wracked by the energies of the Elemental Chaos and inhabited by genasi tribes.

An inland city-state ruled by xenophobic humans.

The Republic of Jenaz
A costal city-state that controls a trading empire.

The Kaunan Empire
A nation of Stonekin that includes a great number of duergar and has little love for other races — or their Othalan relatives.

The Othalan Nation
A separate nation of Stonekin that has been feuding with the Kaunan Empire for generations.

The Shining Citadel
A single tower the size of a city; publically neutral, but with immense influence.

A thick, nearly-impassable forest, mainly claimed by an elven nation and now the site of a tense border dispute with the Othalan Nation.



The languages of D&D are listed according to their common terms, as that is what they are often called in the common tongue. Their alternate names, specific to the Verodus Campaign Setting, are included purely as flavor text. Players are encouraged to let these influence their roleplay, but are not required to use these “official” terms.

Common: The local dialect of the Virkin language, and formerly the official language of the Fashian Republic. It is sometimes referred to as Fashian, or (rarely) Imperial.

Draconic: The language of the Dragonkin is called Drac (Draconic in the common tongue). Depending on the dialect and the emotional state of the speaker, Drac can range from harsh and clipped to smooth and musical.

Dwarven: The language of the Stonekin is usually called Steinir (translating as “stone speech”) in its local dialect, shared by both the Othalan and Kaunan Clans; in the Kaunan Empire, however, it is noticeably influenced by the Deep Speech often favored by duergar. Goliaths tend to have a noticeable accent and speak in a much less sophisticated manner than their smaller cousins; this sub-dialect is sometimes called Urð by dwarves (translating in Fashian as “pile of loose rocks”).

Edanic: The language of the Edanai peoples. It is subtle and complex, and rarely taught to outsiders. This is a custom language in this campaign setting.

Elven: The language of the Feykin is locally known as Lambae, which — modestly enough — translates as roughly “the Language.” While it is a beautiful language, the translation of its name leads to some distaste among non-Feykin and is seen as indicative of the quiet arrogance of most elves. Most translate “Lambae” as “Elven,” which tends to make gnomes feel a bit left out.

Giant: The ancient language of the Wildkin, Entanic, has largely been abandoned by goblins and their offshoots. Due to its commonality among giants and orc-influenced goliaths, Entanic is sometimes called Giantish in the common tongue.

Goblin: Goblins, bugbears, and hobgoblins maintain that their language is not, in fact, a bastardized form of Entanic but is in fact the original Wildkin tongue as handed down from the gods.

Non-Typical Languages. The following are considered unusual languages in this region. Three require feats for a character to learn them, while the other two need specific backgrounds or racial choices.

Abyssal: The language of demons and those corrupted by demonic energy. Learning Abyssal requires the Linguist feat.

Deep Speech: The language of those influenced by the Far Realm and its alien forms of life. It is normally only spoken among the duergar of the Kaunan Empire. Non-Kaunan duergar tend to learn it to understand their past and, for heroic duergar, to help fight against its source.

Infernal: The language of devils and the dark gods. Learning Infernal requires the Linguist feat. (Infernal is a custom language in this setting.)

Primordial: The language of the primordials who were defeated by the gods in the Dawn War. It is primarily spoken by the genasi of the Elemental Isles in a corrupted form, likely influenced by their homeland’s connection to the Elemental Chaos.

Supernal: The language of the gods, as developed during and after their rebellion against their primordial parents, reflecting a return to the teachings of the One Before.

The Verodus Campaign Setting > The World of Verodus

The World

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